12 Principles In Project Management

 12 Principles In Project Management

According to the Standard of Project Management (ANSI/PMI 99-001-2021) there are 12 Principles in Project Management.

Principles for a profession serve as foundation guidelines for strategy, decision making, problem solving  Profession standards and methodologies are often base on principles. The are intended to guide the behaviour of people involved in projects.

The 12 principles of project management are aligned with the value identified  in the PMI code and ethics and professional conduct (that base on value ; Responsibility, respect, fair & Honesty). The 12 principles of project management were identified and developed  by engaging  a global community of project Practicioners.

The principle labels are listed here without any specific weighting or order. The principle label are ;

  1. Be a deligent, respectful and caring steward
  2. Create a collaborative project team enviroment
  3. Effectively engage with stackholders
  4. Focus on Value
  5. Recognize, evaluate and respond to system interaction
  6. Demonstrate leadership behaviours
  7. Tailor base on contex
  8. Built quality into processes and deliveriables
  9. Navigate complexity
  10. Optimize Risk responds
  11. Embrace adaptibility and resiliency
  12. Enable change to achieve the envisioned future state

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